GEMS with Curry Glassell

GEMS with Curry Glassell is a weekly podcast on Glamour, Elegance, Money, Sex & More

April 24th, 2017    

GEMS with Curry Glassell “The Beauty of a $117 Breakfast” Podcast #105

In this episode recorded from high atop a 19th floor suite in New York City following a family funeral, Curry muses on the value of a $117 breakfast and what else is possible?


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April 18th, 2017    

GEMS with Curry Glassell “Could You Destroy Your Refusal to Know?” Podcast #104

Could you know and not refuse 'not to know' about wealth, money, glamour and elegance? Join host Curry Glassell for a conversation about knowing! for more Curry!


April 10th, 2017    

GEMS with Curry Glassell “The Vibe of Luxury” Podcast #103

In this episode, Curry Glassell shares how to tap into the knowing of wealth -- how to step into luxury, with ease.






April 3rd, 2017    

GEMS with Curry Glassell “What is the Ceiling of My Income?” Podcast #102

In this episode of GEMS with Curry Glassell, Curry Glassell explains how to bust through the walls of the glass ceiling! Plus the history of the term "The Glass Ceiling," who knew! for more on Curry Glassell and her classes, offerings, and upcoming workshops.